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  • Changing Alignment and updating report


    We would like to change the alignment numbers on a fixture and have the report update without having to reinspect all the points. Is this something that can be done?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Add an alignment command before your dimension to set the trihedron where you want to report from. If using XACT to dimension, go to the advanced tab and change Alignment drop down from "Datum Reference Frame" to "Current Alignment".

    EDIT: Don't forget to press refresh on the report window when you are done.
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      umm this is quite a vague request. So you execute your routine. everything is measured. You want your alignment to just shift arbitrary fixed values, or shift dependent upon measured features?
      You can change your alignment any way your heart desires, and anything you output regarding dimensions/data output will be relative to the current alignment.
      So let's say you measure initial points, including a circle (cir1), then align to part.
      Then you measure the same circle (cir2) again, align again.
      You can align any number of times or ways after these two circles are generated. When you create the dimension and call Cir1 or Cir2, the data output is relative to whatever your current alignment is.
      Offset align 10" in x and 4" in Y, then output location of your circles, The dimensions will report 10" + variation in X, and 4" + variation in Y.
      Hope this helps?


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        When you make changes to a current alignment, there will be a pop-up that prompts you that the current alignment has changed, and asks if you want to update all the theoreticals/actuals with this updated alignment change. This is a humongous strength that seems to be a unique element of pcdmis (as opposed to other cmm programs), and can easily break or fix your code.
        Before your try this, save a copy of your routine.
        Then when you try this: If the pop-up does not appear, you have to press F5, click on "warnings" and uncheck the auto-response for "yes" or "no" to the alignment changed pop-up warning.

        If you are just shifting the tetrahedron, you click YES, change all my theo's and actuals.

        If you are moving the intended location of all your measured point, click NO, and all your measured points will move/rotate/shift by whatever delta was created between old and new alignments.


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          Depending on how difficult it is to recreate the dimension, I would suggest create the alignment you want to report to at the bottom of the program. Then place the new dimensions afterward. Look carefully at the nominal values as these will be shifted along with the alignment. The benefit of this method is it doesn't disturb the program.
          PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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            Hi Guys,

            thanks for the info. I am not a PC-DMIS user, I'm asking on behalf of our inspectors. They don't have internet access.



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