scanning print point chart into pcdmis

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  • scanning print point chart into pcdmis

    Hi Everyone,
    Many moons ago, there was a way to scan a print point chart / page into pcdmis. Does the new version still do this? I did a search, cannot find anything about this. I remember the points laid on the cad, but they were limited, and the feature flag would not move. Does the 2019 r1 have a feature to do this? Just curious.


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    Not necessarily following the concept. Do you mean scanning like digital paper scanning, then an OCR style text recognition of the scan, and finally PCDMIS would somehow import the OCR coordinate data into programmed points? I don't ever recall this ever existing, nor would I have ever expected PC-DMIS to control any OCR style document recognition software. I'm pretty sure there's a method to import text or csv into point data, but the extraction of the paper chart into digital values is definitely outside of PC-DMIS realm.

    Or do you mean scanning as in analog probe scanning or optical, laser, white light scanning?


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      oddam commented
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      As I said, this was many moons ago. If my aged memory remembers, the point chart was copied, then imported into pcdmis, I just do not remember the process. I tried using the OCR feature, it just seems difficult to understand for me at this point. Nothing to do with your last sentence, strictly pcdmis cmm software.

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