Lost window...need help!

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  • Lost window...need help!

    Bear with me everyone as this may be a supremely stupid thing to ask. After a weekend away from work I have come in and it seems as if the run window (might not be the correct terminology) when you execute or run a program wont show up. I have done everything I can think of to fix this but I am about to start pulling hair out. Anyone able to help me out here lol.

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    open your settings editor and search for "executionwindow" and you should find something related to execution window position and reset the XY location to 0,0.

    make sure you do all of this with PCD NOT running.


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      I am in there now and cant find an executionwindow label, or anything with similar name. I am currently running 2014 as we haven't switched over to 2019 yet. Was this under a different name in 2014?


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        Nevermind, I found it. Thanks a lot for the help. I haven't had to mess with the editor much, so that's cool I can fix that there.


        • anthony.alfaro
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          You can find a lot of information in there but be very careful. One change and you could really ruin PCD.

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