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  • AB C-D align

    The call out is a alignment AB C-D
    -A- is the face of the part
    -B-, -C- and -D- are shown in the picture below -C- is 212mm from -B-
    -D- is the one near the bottom of the pic, -C-[ is near the top, -B- is in the
    How would you create this alignment
    Sorry it took so much to get here.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    It's difficult to see what datum B is - a circle? If so, I'd suggest

    A primary (2 dir 1 coord)
    B origin (2 coord)
    C-D rotation (1 dir)
    SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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      A as base plane, constraining two rotations and one translation.

      B as a circle constraining two translations.

      C-D as a constructed line, constraining the last rotation around -A-.

      If C-D isn't straight (square to blue print dimensions) best-fit, rotation only (NO translation) selecting C and D.

      In 2012 release, it is best to redo the translations (set X, Y and Z to zero), sometimes it would move Z a couple inches after I best fit rotation only for no good reason I could ever determine. Sometimes.


      • Schlag
        Schlag commented
        Editing a comment
        Level to A, Rotate to C-D, Origin Z on A, Origin X and Y on B. Assuming your picture is taken from Z-PLUS view

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