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  • Xact measure composite reporting

    Background: We save our reports as PDF and Excel. The Excel copy gets imported into our FAI (Ideagen Q-PULSE FAIR) program which populates the dimensions. PDF goes to customer.

    The issue is that the FAI program populates dimensions by dimension number (as coded in FAIR and PC-DMIS) and, in the FAI program, the composites are coded separately (top half and bottom half). Currently I put in an operator comment in DMIS saying that the composite dimensions need to be entered manually due to Xact measure. Is there a way I can get composites to report the top half and bottom half with different dimension numbers without having to dimension them separately and breaking apart the composite? Possibly by using assignments/variables/generic features to pull apart the composite dimension and dimension them elsewhere leaving the original as a reference?

    See attached picture.
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    Thanks to this: https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc...sion-tp-of-fcf

    I found that you will need some GETTEXT commands.
    The first argument can be determined by "A LIST OF AVAILABLE DATA TYPES" in the help file. Scroll down to "L". These are what you want i.e. LINE3_MEAS, LINE3_MINUSTOL, etc...
    The second argument should just be 1. Don't know why.
    The third argument is your position characteristic name in curly brackets, for example {FCFLOC1}.

    Now you will just have to generically report the separate position results / get as fancy as you want.

    Good luck.


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