Strange pop-up telling me to not use more than 10 characters

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  • Strange pop-up telling me to not use more than 10 characters

    I have NEVER seen this one. This pop-up only occurs when trying to create a scan, (any type of scan) It comes up for about 4 times upon opening a scan dialog box. And then a few times when creating parameters for the scan (Graphics select tab, Execution tab, Path Definition/Generate....etc.......) Geezus!! This is a VERY strange one to me!! ANYONE see this?? Anyone figure how to kill this??
    It has only started this morning, but haven't created scans for a few weeks, so hard to figure track down what's causing it.
    Participants are:
    2018 R2 sp6
    Optiv Performance 443 Dual Z
    Leitz LSP-X1H
    CHrocodile CWS.

    Here is a pic of the perp caught in the cookie jar:


    Any ideas? Much appreciated!

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    Directly from Hexagon
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s online support centre, offering a range of services including access to our knowledge base, articles on tips & tricks, software downloads and much more.


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      Thanks HAL....err....Singularity.
      Excellent help!!
      I'll check in the program tomorrow to see if Hexagon, Microsoft and self can agree on how to count '10'
      (wondering if this glitch invaded scans only during the same calendar appearance of cicadas)


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        If that ain't it, I did find this:
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          I had this as well. 2018R1, update to SP7 corrected it.


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            Apparently it leaves no release immune from it's clutches. I can't say the explanation from Hexagon of WHY it is caused doesn't really sound authoritative. But glad an update corrected yours louisd. I updated from 2018 R2 sp4 to sp6 but was still there. For whats it's worth, my 'nonsensical' value was density. How the funky number got it there I'll never know.....

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          Originally posted by SingularitY View Post
          Just in case the Hex site goes down/gets moved/etc... Future Proofing because I get a big sad when I'm problem-solving-searching and land on a forum where someone posted the perfect solution in a link that got borken years ago...

          Originally posted by

          Problem: The part program may have not shown this error previously, but does now, usually when first inserting the open line scan. The user may be forced to click "ok" quite a few times and when hit "accept" (after generating the points) the open line scan is not put into the program.

          Details: This error message actually comes from Microsoft, which is performing a DDV (Data Dialog Validation). This error message is from a DDV length check on an entry in a PC-DMIS dialog box and finding too many characters. Actually, in this case, it is too many numbers, with the field being limited to a 10-digit entry. The error gets passed back to PC-DMIS for display, but does not tell you where the problematic value is located. The cause is thought to originate from different measurement units used in different Part Programs and/or retained entries from the dialog remembering the last value.

          Hit F9 on the scan and examine the point density. Upon examination, you will see that one of the values is nonsensical, such as using 2.54622465485425 instead of just 2.54. Typically, this is seen on the Path Definition tab. Check the Path Definition Density setting and see if it is too large. Resetting that value to something reasonable will eliminate the condition/message.
          However, the nonsensical value could be on one of the other tabs. Reset the point density to a normal value of around 2 to 5, and the acceleration to 10, not "10.0000", etc. Edge offset or density boxes get overpopulated. That should fix the issue.

          Advanced scans also can show this error when the number of hits or density is set above 1000. For instance, this has been recorded previously as "Unable to enter more than 1000 points as a number of hits using a spline path" dating back to PC-DMIS 2015.1

          "When entering 1000 points as a value for the number of hits on the spline path the software will accept it at point of entry but then when using further scans will continually pop up with a message box stating enter no more than 10 characters with no indication as to what this relates to. A user cannot enter more than 1000 as the software then backfills the 10 characters with 6 decimal places". To get back to the scans set the value below 1000 or remove padded decimal places.

          Alternate Fix: You may have to go into regedit and delete the scan dialog settings.


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            I wonder why there is a limit on the number of characters. Other dialogs do not have this issue.


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