Datums in the true position dialogue box.

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  • Datums in the true position dialogue box.

    I changed jobs and my new company has the exact same PCDMIS program as the old company. However, when I go to the GD&T dialogue boxes it is totally different.
    For example, on true position you could create datums and draw the True Position callout in the dialogue box exactly like it was on the print. Now, you can't even create your datums
    or select MMC or anything. I know I'm missing something simple. LOL

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    Go to Menu and select Dimension, then click on Legacy to remove it from Legacy Mode and the XactMeasure FCF Dialog window will be active for all GD&T.
    Rob Jensen
    Product Owner - GD&T
    Metrology Software, Inc. - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


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      Thanks very much! I knew it had to be a setting, because it was the same version.


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        Keep in mind that Legacy and Xactmeasure will check the part differently. Close, but not the same.

        There are many here that can explain the differences far better than I.


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