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    We have (2) B&S CMM's that are using (2) different dock (probe)information how do I edit this to make it uniform. example: Dock 1 is on one CMM, example 2: Dock1 is one the other.the goal is so that either CMM can run each others programs.

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    Name them both exactly the same, either Dock 1 or Dock1, probably better the second one, no spaces. They are the same probe build right?
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      If you are talking about the probe file name, make sure the probe library for each CMM is seperate! You MUST have them saving to different directories otherwise you can't have the same probe calibrated on each machine at the same time. Your wrist and probe should be the exact same on both machines as well if you want to do it this way.


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        You need to have the name of your probes the same. Each CMM has its own probe files but..... this only works if they are actually the same build. There are many other ways but not without some work on your part.


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          Same PROBE NAME
          Same PROBE BUILD
          DIFFERENT PROBE FILES on each each computer (do NOT share from network!)
          Regardless of the PROBE RACK per CMM (dock??) ensure each CMM has same PROBE and KNOWS where to find it in it's PROBE RACK (dock??)
          (and hopefully your toolc.dat hasn't been jaspered around!)


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            So there's a bit of ambiguity with your post. You are asking about docks, which is the ambiguous term.
            Do you mean the LOADPROBE commands, or the physical position/order of probes on probe racks?

            Regarding probes and probe files on multiple machines:
            Say you have a probe file named "2x20" at the beginning of a routine, and a 4x50 at the end.
            If you have 2x20 and 4x50 named probe files built, calibrated and functioning, regardless of sensor type, probe wrist/head type, etc, the routine will run just fine unless a larger head or sensor physically collides.
            You can even have a M3 to M2 conversion added, making the effective length 30mm and still label the probe file 2x20. As long as you built the probe as it physically is on that machine, it will run.
            --Probe files should remain local and unique for each CMM, just name them all the same for each machine.

            Regarding Probe racks:
            If you have probe racks for each machine, you will need to assign each probe to each rack with consistency.
            Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Probe Changer. Define the changer you need for that CMM, then within the third tab, you simply click 2x20 for probe position1 and 4x50 for position 2, on each rack's designations. repeat for each cmm.

            from there, you will have all your cmm's with identical probes on identical rack locations, granting your ability to run one routine on all cmm's without any need to change probe files.
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