CWS scanning (443 Dual Z)

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  • CWS scanning (443 Dual Z)

    I'm having difficulty figuring out how to use the white light. Any help would be appreciated. I need to scan
    a surface to evaluate surface profile. Not sure which option to use; Free form, open linear, patch, grid,
    perimeter, etc.. Not even sure of the right settings within each option?

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    I don't have any fancy white lights, but F1 is your best friend for this kind of stuff.

    The tool selection completely depends upon what suits your need best. I'm presuming you have CAD?
    -FINDNOMS is the only "nominals method" parameter you should select (as opposed to MASTER or NOMINALS). MASTER is if you want to use the first scanned part as theoretical exact, and NOMINALS will do the same, but retain the curve/form of the CAD.
    aside from that, my lack of firsthand experience might muddy the water on ya.


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      OK, thanks louisd.


      • louisd
        louisd commented
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        Click on a scanning method, to create one. When all the settings appear, hit F1 then. Help file will point you directly to what each knob does and how they affect your Measurement Strategy. uugh I hate using that term (Measurement Strategy), it's so Calypso.

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      Let us know how well that sensor does with reflective surfaces like shiny aluminum.
      PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
      Global 7-10-7 DC800S


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        Along with everything mentioned ^^^^^,
        my experience using Mr. 443 Perf Optiv Dual Z is that unless you're using Tactile/CMM method?, the CAD doesn't like to play with:
        a. Optics
        b) Offline programming (you need to RE-program SO MANY parameters once the part is actually on the machine)
        c) CWS
        So for me, all goes smoother programming directly on the machine......


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          it should be noted that unless something new came out...i wouldn't want to check surface profile with a CMM.


          • sealevel
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            That's it anthony..... your reputation is FINISHed!

          • AndersI
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            If you were thinking "Surface finish", something new is actually coming - support for a surface finish sensor. I think it has been mentioned somewhere here on the forums already.

          • louisd
            louisd commented
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            I was able to measure surface finish with a TTL laser on a Nexiv VMR. That machine is pretty slick, for a vision system, lol.

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