Just trying to figure why offline is fast and cmm is slow.

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  • Just trying to figure why offline is fast and cmm is slow.

    Hi all.
    Most times of late, especially since moving to 2018 R1, I've noticed that when I program offline and review my program the animation runs quite rapidly and sometimes I need to slow it down (F5) but when I place it on the cmm it slows to a snail's crawl. Have not been able to adjust any speeds on the cmm or anything that I can think of to speed it up l Seriously, it sometimes takes a minute or more to move around a diameter of say 3 inches as well as probe changes. I need to speed things up or we will never get any through put off the cmm; Any ideas?

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    There are a few things you can check out go to set up options (F5) and check what your machine top speed is set to ( you will need to find out what your particular machine top speed can go up to)
    also go and check your move speed by pressing F10
    see pictures below

    machine top speed Capture.JPGmachine move speed Capture.JPG
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      You run % or MM Jim?
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      I would go to the CMM and look at the machine interface. and then go to your OFFline and set it up same. Just make it easier, also how many machines do you have?



      If this is checked you're running MM If it is not You're running %

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      • KIRBSTER269
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        yeah even when I start with Manual Features at the very beginning. Avoidance moves are on, why? I guess it's time to visit the old Settings Editor and see if I can't get rid of that sh_it

      • KIRBSTER269
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        Just so You know also 2018R1 has been one of the worst versions I've used. Don't know if you have scanning but check this out. I made a Case for this, this was their solution. Don't use it. pathetic
        I have seen this happening a lot in my Programs. It seems to be happening just with the Scanned lines, when done in mm. writing the programs, all fine and dandy, after running the program. It Projects my lines away from the part, giving me false readings. Will share my Code to show you the after results. Depth on all features
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      • Jim Poehler
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        Kirby, That explains a lot about the issues I've had with scans in 2018R1 as well. Most of them I've had to rewrite as touch hits and create sets from the individual points.

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      That absolute speed checkbox is PROGRAM specific, not machine specific. For example: if you open one routine and check "use absolute", with the value at 100 still, you just made your machine run just that routine at 1/3 to 1/4 the max speed of 300-400mm/s. All the while, the other routines you have, are still related to % of max.

      For faster probe rack changes, make sure you add a fast MOVESPEED command (100% if you are setup with % of max, ~300-600 if you are absolute, whatever your machine is capable of)
      Also, place the MOVESPEED command above your first LOADPROBE command.
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      • Jim Poehler
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        What I've found so far is that nothing is consistent across off line and on line settings. For example my latest problem child was a program where part set up options was set at 100 mm/sec top speed on my off line seat and set at 20% on the cmm. I changed top speed to 500 on both and using mm/sec and changed move speed to 100 in F10. Considerable improvement in speed of execution. In random looking at several programs I see that % and MM settings vary from program to program. Honestly I have not messed with any of these settings since getting 2018R1 installed and this seems to be another example where the demon decides for itself what we might want and I guess I will need to add that to my "babysitting" list of unsolicited code inserts to look for when writing programs. Never asked for my scans to go haywire on me, never asked for avoidance moves to be inserted into my code and never asked for discrepancies between absolute speed and percentage.
        God I love this software.

      • Schlag
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        I think Moovespeed only effects probe changers on the move to the " tool change home spot " and then it moves into "docking speed ". You can change this speed and this will definitely change things.

      • mckenzie
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        then it goes back to the movespeed setting going back to the mount point (tool change home spot)

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      Ok Jim just a little update to what we were talking about with those avoidance moves. First Run Settings Editor as Administrator. Make sure PC-DMIS is closed. Click connect button, little popup in the background will say Machine Not Responding, Click OK. You can click on find and type in Autovoid, it will bring you to all your auto features, go through each one, NOT the LASER ones, Make sure each value is 0, If it's 1 change it to 0, then save and close. That should get rid of those pesky avoidance moves until you call upon it.

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