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  • Resize Analysis View to be Smaller

    My analysis views take up basically a whole page (I can't fit two on one page). Is it possible to make the size smaller? I resized the window and clicked create/save again and that didn't work.

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    I think there are some settings in Settings Editor, but I don't remember the names of them. But for me, it's time to go home - will check tomorrow (if I remember).
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      From the Index:
      [B]Size Options[/B]
      (This item pertains to the Analysis window, accessible from the View Window button on the Analysis dialog box. To open the Analysis dialog box, choose Insert | Report Command | Analysis.)
      [B]Analysis Size Options dialog box[/B]
      The Analysis Size Options dialog box allows you to determine how the Analysis window will be displayed. These options also allow you to set your ANALYSISVIEW command so that PC-DMIS takes the screen capture in one of these selected modes during execution. (See "[URL=""][U][COLOR=#0066CC]Create Analysis View Command[/COLOR][/U][/URL]".)
      You can select the following options:
      This option sizes the Analysis window so that it matches the standard Portrait page size.
      This option sizes the Analysis window so that it matches the standard Landscape page size.
      [B]Scale to fit whole page[/B]
      This check box scales the window so it would fit an entire printed page.

      (I know it's not really code, but I wanted it shaded. Sue me.)
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        Ok, I did some searching, and I can't find any obvious setting for Analysis Window size. The closest I came was EWScreenCaptureBitmapWidth, maybe my memory was confusing screen captures and analysis images...
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          Go To: Insert/Report Command/Analysis/ Select view window then Options tab. There you will see the size option. This is in 2017R2 version
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          • William Johnson
            William Johnson commented
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            in 2017R2 the last thing on the list is (Size Options) Portrait and Landscape in same place where size options is.

          • Quality ish
            Quality ish commented
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            Size option also seems to be available on 2018R2.

          • Lukas
            Lukas commented
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            Andersl is correct. The only option for size is "scale to fit whole page." I don't think you can make them smaller...RIP the environment

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