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  • CMS Laser Program without Tactile

    Hi everyone, I have been asked to write programs with our Hexagon CMS 106 laser scanner but without using the tactile probe to do alignment. Does anyone know how to do alignment purely with the laser?

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    Just select some hits ans then construct features.


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      Hi Jefman, I'm thinking of a sort of manual pre alignment to start the program. Is that possible with the laser?


      • anthony.alfaro
        anthony.alfaro commented
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        no. you're basically just going to program a scan path in machine coordinates, pick up a few features then do a best fit to those features and go from there.

        assuming the part doesn't move around the machine volume you don't really need a manual alignment.

      • Maverick84
        Maverick84 commented
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        Hi anthony.alfaro, thanks I'll try that.

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