ERROR Message ...The host sent an ABORT command

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  • ERROR Message ...The host sent an ABORT command

    Hello there,
    Anyone knows about this error message> see attached.
    it shows during the running time, specially right after manual iterative alignment and right before starting DCC iterative points.
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    hmmm. So, you manually take hits, do alignment, then have MODE/DCC toggle and this appears?
    Do you have any flow controls involved in your code (If_Goto -> label)?
    Maybe you are skipping the MODE/DCC command?
    Post code of when you are experiencing this.

    Does it occur on routines you've already proven out to run flawlessly? If this error pops up on every routine, even ones you know work great, you might have some communication issues between your PC and your controller, or between controller and CMM.


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      please post code


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        Thank you for your input !
        It is not happen always.... not used any flow control in here.
        Just used iterative alignment and happened during the iterating point measurement.

        You are right, seems communication issue between PC and Controller etc.. IT issue.
        Thank you again,


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          Here is the code...
          happened (not all the time) right after completing manual hits.
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            Your code looks great! I would recommend putting mode dcc after the comment, just to be 100% certain that something isn't wigging-out between iterative align and the first movepoint.

            The only other input I can offer is to monitor your air pressure to the machine. There is a pressure switch, which will shut down your drive motors if air pressure goes low for even a couple seconds. We had one of these pneumatic switches go faulty on us on our old DEA... So if your air is stable, confirm that the low pressure switch is functioning properly. Aside from this, you will need to call hexagon for service.


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              I've had this error come up on a CMM that was part of an automated cell due to an external E-stop command coming from a safety barrier breach. Other than that I haven't seen that error, curious to see what could have caused it.


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                GREAT Help !!
                Thank you so much Gentlemen !


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                  Wait ! one more thing,
                  I have noticed that whenever DCC moving Stop this message shows at the bottom of screen,
                  says "waiting for response DISABLE TEMP" (see attached.)
                  Surely this is related to the ERROR message I have mentioned above initially.
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