Out of Calibration Machine still use-able?

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  • Out of Calibration Machine still use-able?

    Hexagon has recently been in to do the Annual Calibration of our 3 CMM's, though 2 have passed with no problems 1 has unfortunately failed (DEA TIGO-565).
    Management have decided that they are going to have the Scanning Head Repaired but Want to know if its still use-able in the mean time.

    I need a bit of advice from you helpful lot.
    Looking at the Certificate of Calibration in Picture 1 (CAL1) am I correct in thinking that the machine is accurate for measurements under 420mm or am I misinterpreting the results and the Radial deviation exceeding the MPE by 3.6 (Picture 2) is the error in the measurements that I will actually receive?
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    I'm in Medical so it failed so I would not use it for any inspection.
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      Usable as reference only. NOT for part acceptance.


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        i would say it depends on what tolerances your parts need to hold and what requirements your customers have. you're out .006mm over 420mm if your parts are all ±.010" it wont be a noticeable difference (.00024") although if your customers require the cmm be calibrated, it doesnt matter if its out .001mm, its out of spec.


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          We don't use any tools for anything unless they have an active cal sticker on them, regardless of who the customer is


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            You would have to assess your largest part dimension and see if the uncertainty like mckenzie stated is significant to affect product acceptance.


            • louisd
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              Of course you'll also have to document justification via a "limited use" status.

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            Thanks for the Advice, we have decided not to use this CMM until it is fixed, though most if not all of our parts are under 200mm (off the top of my head our largest diameter part is only 147mm) i don't think its worth the risk.

            Now comes the fun of transferring all the Programs to one of the 2 working CMM's
            Everyone needs something to Believe in ... I Believe I'll have another beer!


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