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  • Scan head automatic retract

    We have 3 Global models of Hexagon CMMs, and two of our machines have an automatic retract after taking manual hits. However one of our machines does not have the automatic retract, which makes taking manual points very tedious having to back out of each point trying to avoid taking multiple hits. Is there a way to fix this and have it retract on all machines?

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    Type (manretract) and set value in beginning of program

    MOVESPEED/ 250
    TIP/T1A0B0, SHANKIJK=0, 0, 1, ANGLE=0

    Remember that using manretract you need to be careful that the vector direction of travel is read properly. If you sneak up on your hits (get real close) and take a point it can read the vector direction backwards, and it will retract in the same direction that you drove it into the part. so if you are taking a hit straight down it will drive down into part as the retract direction.
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    • zachzwp
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      I tried adding that to the program but it didn't work. When I take hits for a manual alignment it still doesn't retract after a hit like my other two machines.

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    F10 | Probe Options tab. Tick the Manual fine probing box.
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



    • William Johnson
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      I have never used that. How does it work? I thought that most of these settings were for scanning heads.

    • zachzwp
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      I tried what you suggested but no luck. It still fails to retract after manual hits unlike my other two machines.

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    Originally posted by William Johnson View Post
    I have never used that. How does it work? I thought that most of these settings were for scanning heads.
    The title of this thread suggested to me that he had a scanning head. It works for our SM-25 scanning head. When it's ticked on, it's supposed to stop once the trigger force is reached then back off until it is just off the part.
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      I think you have to access the controller to turn that option on, our service tech did it for us.
      Maybe that controller won't support it, are they all the same model and vintage?
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      • zachzwp
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        Yes they are all the same model. I believe it may be something with the controller settings but I don't think I can access them.

      • Peter Fuller
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        Do you know if you have an FDC or a Leitz (b3C) protocol controller?

      • zachzwp
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        I am not sure which protocol it is. The jogbox model is H007422/B and the controller box is model HH-C-V2.0, both with Hexagon logos. I know our scan heads are Leitz brand.

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