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  • Bore woes!

    I have a headscratcher here. I have a part with a bore, in said bore is a "grease slot" that is pitched. However it is never in the same orientation. It could start anywhere in in 360 degrees and seems to change orientation depending on which operator is running (probably has something to do with the rapids on the machine) I am wondering if there is a way to filter and omit bad hits (those which fall in the groove). Clearly changing strategy for each part would not be efficient.
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    By the looks of it you are only taking what 6 hits on each cut of the cylinder? You have a touch probe, no scanning head, correct?
    add label redoc1
    add comment/input asking if helix of grease slot is going down clockwise (1) or counterclockwise (2)
    make assign/v1=if(c1.input<>1 OR 2,goto==redoc1,if(c1.input==1,"CCW","CW") makes sure input is valid, then makes cylinder vector clockwise or counterclockwise
    Then, just before measuring the bore, put another operator input to move stylus so it is directly over the slot start. add a readpoint from there.
    Align/rotate about center of bore to the readpoint.
    Measure your cylinder with the 6 hits per cut, with the vector direction (cw or ccw) determined by v1. add helix angle to pitch diameter, looks like it would go around in a full circle? so pitch = cyl axis length
    Note obviously set start angle at like 30° away from -rotated to- grease slot 0 and end angle at 390°
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      Yes, it's a touch probe, I don't have the ability to scan. The slot is pitched counter clockwise top to bottom. Thanks for the suggestion! I think that will work great.

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