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  • Trouble with CAD

    First of all I am running PCDMIS 2018 R2. Our design group created this CAD from an actual part we make. When I am creating my alignment something just does not want to work right. I have a 4-way (datum B) then my 2-way (datum C), where this goes wrong is my surface in Z axis. This should be zero but for some reason from Datum B to Datum C the surface drops a negative 7.8mm. For some miracle on the opposite (mirrored part) it corrected itself after spending six hours working on it. At the beginning I have transformed the 4-way to 0,0,0 but this seems not to work. I have tried just origin to 4-way (X,Y,Z = 0) then continue as follows rotating between the two datum's then taking a point for a three point plan but this does not work; it shows the surface on datum C as -7.8mm in Z. It just will not snap into place like it should and I do not have six to eight hours to play with it. I even went as far as using 2017 R2 but it seems it has something to do with the CAD model because it will not work in it as well. Any ideas????????????????????????????

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    Can you please post your code & like a snip of your print or a pic of your model or something? I'm really struggling to visualize this one


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      Stupid question time - do the theoreticals match your alignment? What I mean is, are you measuring something that has theo XYZs of <0,0,7.8> but making it <0,0,0>?

      Alternately, are you touching off the part with the Find Nominals turned on?
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        Have you tried rebooting ? Seriously though... Dump the cad assembly and bring it back in ?


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