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  • Line 4 invalid...

    I'm having a problem with some of my alignments, where it's giving me a fault when I use a plane, a line, and a point constructed using that same line.

    Occasionally, it's giving me "Line (whatever) is invalid", I'm guessing because that line isn't on the same plane as the point that was constructed.

    Is there a setting somewhere that got changed without my knowing it?

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    Software version?


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      Is it a 2d line? Is it constructed in the same vector as your current workplane? Yep that'll happen.
      Another issue I've seen is if you try to rotate to a line while your origin is the midpoint of the line. Bad idea there too.
      Go have a cerveza this afternoon, come back on Monday and maybe it will fix itself


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        Can you post the code ?


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        If you're using a plane, a line, and a point that is used in the construction of that line you only have 5 constraints. The line will define the direction of an axis and the zero location of another, for the sake of discussion say your line is along the x axis, you have that direction and a Y zero, but no where along that line can you create an X zero.


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          Use a point that isn't contained within your rotational constraint as your axis & you'll be fine. You're making PC DMIS mad.

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        Yeah, I used a couple of things written above, and it worked itself out. I had the beers (thanks, Louis), and I realized that the point I'd created wasn't on the same plane (and that plane would never intersect with the point, therefore one of the three elements wasn't valid, and couldn't be used for alignment. I wound up leveling to plane 1 (Z plus), rotating to Plane 2 (X plus), and calling the point that I'd created my origin. That way, all those features would actually meet in the same place.

        But I think the cervezas were the focal point.


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          Originally posted by bfire85 View Post
          Software version?
          I'm on 2018 R2.


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