How do you combine reports into one file (DMIS5)?

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  • How do you combine reports into one file (DMIS5)?

    I am sure there is a very simple and obvious answer to this but I am brand new to DMIS and got stuck on it. I generated an output report and a graphical report but I am unable to combine them into one when saving. The designer who got laid off always gave me a combined one so I know it's possible.

    Oh and side question. When picking points how do you stop the model from turning red? Its making it hard for me to see where my points have been made.

    Thank you for the help!

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    DMIS5? Never heard of it.
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    • William Johnson
      William Johnson commented
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      5 is for version 5

    • Peter Fuller
      Peter Fuller commented
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      PC-DMIS went from version 4.3 to version 2009.

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    Originally posted by Peter Fuller View Post
    DMIS5? Never heard of it.
    In my confusion I believe I joined the wrong community... I am using OpenDMIS. I thought "PC DMIS" was in the same vein but I am assuming it's completely different.

    Sorry guys!


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