Scans crash with replaced CAD model

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  • Scans crash with replaced CAD model

    I'm probably going to get flamed for not having a lot of information on this issue (and not being able to try anything on the program myself) but my boss is trying to help a friend of his out and asked me this question that I don't have a confident answer to. Plus I'm curious to know for myself because I'll probably run into this at some point in time.

    Pertinent information: DMIS 2019 R1 and a Leitz probe, not sure which head exactly but the issue sounds software related.

    The guy has a program that has constant contact linear open scans in it that were programmed to the CAD. The CAD model was revised and the old model was replaced with the new model. Before the CAD was replaced, the program ran just fine with no issues. After the CAD was replaced, it crashes at the scans. All the touch trigger points work with no issues. As far as I know, the scanned surface didn't change shape or contour.

    What could be causing this issue?

    Since the CAD was replaced, I would go into the graphics selection section in the scan and reselect the surface(s) being scanned but I'm not 100% confident in that answer since I've never had this issue before. And, as previously stated, it's not my program or even at my shop so I can't try my theory.
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    go in there and Re-generate your scan, see if that helps. and yeah make sure the surfaces are selected, Deselect and reselect
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      Also, check surface vectors. I had this happen when portions of my profile had the vectors flipped.

      Edit => Graphic Display Window => Surface Vectors...

      Then click on the surfaces you are scanning and choose fix vectors. As soon as I started clicking on my surface, I could se the vectors were flipped on the corners, so this fixed my problem.


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        What Kirbster269 said. Go in a and re-pick the surface to be scanned.


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