Corrupt probe files... really did this...?

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  • Corrupt probe files... really did this...?

    Have always heard of corrupt probe files causing way more trouble than you'd think they can... finally had my experience with that last week...

    Started my machine with the wrist in the A0B0 position... last part ran the previous day runs entirely in A0B0 so it was left in that position, had the right stylus loaded already too.
    Put a part on the table and loaded a well proven program that uses nothing but the same A0B0 position, only changes star tips in A0B0
    When I executed this program I got the standard prompt asking if it is ok to change to T1A0B0 and being in that position already it should not even disengage the wrist just activate T1 calibration offset.
    Not this time, when I hit ok on that prompt it indexed the wrist to A10B0 while pcdmis still showed me that A0B0 was active, and execution began until I hit the stop.

    I tried a few shut downs and start ups and got nowhere with that... started to suspect hardware or a crash I never heard about.
    Had never seen it myself but from stories about corrupt probe files I decided to delete them, rebulid the probe files and re-calibrate.

    Problem was gone from that point on, no sign of recurrance and no other issues whatsoever after replacing probe files and recal. I reloaded the exact same program file that acted up and it ran as usual with no issues so the program is not the cause.

    Only one guy operates that machine other than me, and I do believe him that he did not see a crash or have any sort of strange power down event or anything... can probe files really give this much trouble?

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      short answer, yes. probe rack file too


      • Douglas
        Douglas commented
        Editing a comment
        no probe rack or stylus rack on that machine but tons of abandoned probe files... I deleted the works and started over, sorry hexagon calibration tech guys you're rebuilding your probe next calibration

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      I always just copy and paste the probe folder to separate server in case of corruption. That way I dont need to rebuild anything. The servers are backing up as well so I could restore previous backups.


      • Douglas
        Douglas commented
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        not a big deal on the machine that had the problem, it runs only 2 simple star probes and no rack.

        Good plan for my other machine with 2 racks and multiple probe builds, I think I will do that backup right now thanks... I need to keep them local on the C:\ drive so server backups don't help here

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      I've had corrupted probe file issues but nothing that bad. Mine usually results in not getting an acceptable calibration. I will go through and clean the module connection both on the module and the wrist (TP20), clean the ruby, do the same for the reference probe, and clean the calibration sphere and the best I can get is .0006/.0007. At that point I delete the probe and rebuild and BAM!!! .0001/.0002 calibration.
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        I know its a pain the a$$ but I started to create new probe files when I upgraded to a new REV of Dmis. Yeah, its an hour or so for the 9 probes to build and add the angles and another 4 to calibrate but.... You need to calibrate periodically anyway and I seriously stated to eliminate some of the stupid ghost in the machine garbage that would pop up from time to time when I stopped migrating probe files to new revs....


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