Xact Measure True Position with different diameters

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  • Xact Measure True Position with different diameters

    First off I'm running DMIS 2019 R1. I have a composite true position of 5 circles. The top is [email protected] to A/B/C and the bottom is [email protected] to A. DMIS will not let me select all 5 circles in Xact Measure because they are 2 different sizes.

    o o
    o o

    Proprietary, export controlled, and ITAR print so the above "illustration" will have to do.

    My workaround is I true positioned all 5 circles [email protected] to the current alignment (part is aligned to A/B/C) in legacy, realigned the part leveling and translating Z axis to datum A and translated X and Y to the bigger center circle, then true position the 4 smaller circles [email protected] to the new alignment also in legacy.

    The question(s) here is, is there a way to force Xact Measure to use all 5 circles with different diameters in the same dimension and if not, is my workaround the best way to do it?
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    i mean as long as you're in the correct alignment your calculations should be the same. The only thing you'd lose out on are any modifiers to datums. Otherwise, sounds good.


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      Edit: Shrocknroll is totally right. I looked up simultaneous evaluation in the help file and it was designed for situations like this.
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        Do you have a code example of how to create the generic feature and apply the deviation from the actual circle?

        I like this idea. I use generic features, not a lot, but I do use them. I don't know why I didn't think about it before.

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      Create both XactMeasure positions separately then use simultaneous evaluation to tie them together.
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