Circle won’t be created on new workplane

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  • Circle won’t be created on new workplane

    I have this part (pic attached) and I’m working on Z plane but then need to measure circle located on Y plane (at least that’s what I think). I created an auto circle on PC DMIS, I also change the workplane to Y Plus (is this correct?) but then when the machine goes to measure it it moves past the location even though nominals seem to be just fine on the software.

    On the photo, the red thing is what the probe does when going. to measure the circle. Does anybody know why is it doing it?
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    Turn off the avoidance moves.


    • Hirxm
      Hirxm commented
      Editing a comment
      this worked, thanks.

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    Are you sure you don't want Y-

    I have a feeling you have a Y+ workplane and also I,J,K, 0,1,0 which would approach from the wrong side... I think that is what you mean it does anyway


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      How's your alignment?
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        clear plane or cube ?
        If you use an auto-circle, it's not necessary changing workplane, the work plane is "auto" defined in the auto feature...


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          If you still need help, you may want to post the code for the circle in question. This would alleviate a lot of this guessing. There are more than one reason why the probe might go through the hole.
          PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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            Schrocknroll is right !
            Re-reading your post, you talk about nominals, but not targets, we don't know if the depth is zero, we don't know if you stopped the execution or if you looked what's on...
            Posting the code is always a good idea


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              1. If you are using different tip angles for the alignment and for that hole, then it's possible they aren't calibrated to each other.

              2. Is the depth of the hole set correctly in the auto circle?


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                Maybe that Red string is in your way
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                  he won't be back, it's changed to Y- and IJK 0,-1,0 and it worked...?


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