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  • Help with Disc Probe Calibration

    Hello, this is the first time i’m calibrating a disc probe it’s a 6x10 disc probe but when I open the probe utilities box i can’t edit some fields (see attached photo). What’s wrong or what can I do? I added correctly the probe file.
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    DCC + DCC is not gonna help you with a disc probe, you cannot take manual hits with it, the sphere location needs to be set in advance with a different probe, then use just DCC to calibrate the disc without moving the sphere. Select DCC and see if still greyed out... you will certainly need to adjust the start and end angle to something like 5 and -5 degrees.

    Edit: you cannot take sample hits on the sphere with DCC + DCC I mean to say... they are not really manual hits, the 3 sample hits it takes to locate the ball with DCC + DCC will not work with a disc
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      I did calibrate another spherical probe before but the disc probe is not working yet. The calibration mode options are still greyed out. The only way they stopped being greyed out was when I clicked “partial calibration” on Probe Utilities but then it says that a partial calibration cannot be done unless a full calibration has been made before, so I’m still unable to calibrate it. The problem is that I don’t know why those options are greyed out.

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    a newly created probe has unknown measured values, click the reset tips to theo and see if it will try by theoretical build first time

    or use partial calibration and do a manual calibration for the first time... I think when I set mine up I had to do manual
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      I had to manually calibrate the first time also


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