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  • Profile callout to distance

    I have something on a print I haven't seen before. It's asking for a Profile a measurement callout. #'s 47 and 50. I'm attaching a snippet of the print. Any help would be much appreciated. Capture2640.JPG

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    I'm trying to figure out 46??????? Anyways, Where's the Beef? I mean where's "B"
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      Are #s 51 and 52 Basic? that would mean no tolerance and that form and location is controlled by your datums no? im a ASME guy not ISO.
      and 46 is the Devil...


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        B is a plane around a hole not shown on the snippet. Here's another snippet showing what I'm assuming is Datum B. There is no Datum B symbol. Capture 2640-b.JPG


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          51 and 52 are basic.


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            Originally posted by kcassaday View Post
            B is a plane around a hole not shown on the snippet. Here's another snippet showing what I'm assuming is Datum B. There is no Datum B symbol. Capture 2640-b.JPG
            The way I see it: your B3 is a datum target, it should be really called A3, not B3, C4 should be called B and round slot's width should be simply marked as C, instead they have 2 D's pointing to long sides of the slot. The way it is drawn now A1, A2 and B3 establish plane, C4 is 4-way locator and slot is 2 way locator with 53.14 offset.
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              A is a plane comprised of two 15mm diameter datum target zones (behind/beyond view) around the two holes per pic on post #4 (top hole being C datum)
              Correct me if I'm wrong but A is ALSO a datum line between the plane/cylinder intersect of the 9mm diameter holes (A1 to A2 targets?) not 100% on this one. <-nope I'm wrong. A is purely two coplanar pads
              B appears to be a planar datum target zone AND a point between the plane/cylinder intersect of the slot centroid. <-Nope I'm wrong B is purely the pad, D is the datum target centroid
              C is the top left hole of the pic in post #4

              For DIM47: I presume engineer wants DIM47 to be oriented about a common plane derived from A-B planar target zones, with the 1.5° angle. The profile is controlling only parallelism/angularity and location based on the angle from A-B common plane.

              For DIM50/DIM51, it's horribly called out, but CZ = Common Zone, which means anything that resembles a relation to that distance is simultaneously controlled. Treat the CZ just like profile to an interrupted plane comprised of 4 surfaces, which has the "4 Surfaces" note beside the profile callout. It's purely angularity.
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