Best way to measure angles ?

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  • Best way to measure angles ?

    First post for me and only 2 months since starting with PC-DMIS.

    Wich way is best to measuring angles on a bent piece of sheet metal?
    At the moment I take the angle between two planes but its not looking right in the report!!


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    When you say not right do you mean that a 10° is being reported as 80° complimentary angle or do you mean it is not even close at all? With two planes are you using 3D angle or do you need the 2D angle in some certain projection?


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      Experiment with changing your WORKPLANE when reporting the output of an angle. When the output is what you think it should be, do a mental logic check to make sure it's what your looking for. You may need to use the supplement angles...


      • Douglas
        Douglas commented
        Editing a comment
        I will never recommend that somebody looks for the right result without understanding what they do or 'experiment' to get it. You need to make sure the measurement process is correct then trust the result not experiment until you get the result you want.

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      Very important: Ensure that the direction you touch off the two sides being checked create consistent vectors either going toward the bend or away from it.

      If one line has an arrow going toward the bend, and the other has the arrow going away, you're going to get funky numbers. Both toward the point where they'd meet, or both away.


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        The measured values are ok but its the way they are presented in the report window that im not happy with.
        In the pics below you can see what I mean, I would like to have the green dots on the bend.
        Or even better, the angles presented by two lines and an arch between them.
        Is it better to measure lines and take the angle at the point where the lines cross eachother?


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          There is much to wish for in the reporting section of PC-DMIS and I don't think you can get what you want.

          This is one of the things other metrology software is much better at.
          PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP3


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