Universal Updater overnight error.

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  • Universal Updater overnight error.

    Does anybody get this or know what it is? I leave my PC on overnight, come in in the morning and have roughly 10 instances of the following error.


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    Every time I close the window, it comes back. I need to close it about 10-15 times to keep it away.


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      The universal updater does not work at all here crashes at start and if one start it the crash after 5 min


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        Crashes a lot for me too.
        Whatever a man sows, he shall reap.


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          Interesting, never crashes for me. Stays running all the time. Just have these annoying dialog boxes every morning. They used to appear all at once so I could close all, now they appear one at a time so I press close, wait, close, wait, close, wait, close, wait, etc....


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            After having so many different issues with the Universal Updater I removed it from the Startup and turned off the Notifications on all CMM's.


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              Yes... the UU is going to get it's insurance canceled from too many crashes.....

              davehocum ... that is a good idea... to delete from 'Startup' since it's way past annoying.
              Best crashless method I've found is to go to the FTP site when grabbing an update.


              • JacobCheverie
                JacobCheverie commented
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                Haha, yes I think removing it from startup is my only option. Maybe they'll update the updater eventually. Now I just need to request FTP access...

              • davehocum
                davehocum commented
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                That's what I will be doing from now on.

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