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  • Weird CAD problem?

    I"m really new to PC-DMIS. I'm having an issue with the CAD model representation disappearing from finished programs. I programmed a part Monday, and when I opened the program Tuesday, the CAD model wasn't on the screen. The program ran fine, but I couldn't figure out what happened to the CAD model. I re-programmed the part yesterday, and shut off the CMM when I left last night. This morning, I opened the program and the model was there. I ran the program to check some parts, then closed the program to work on something else. When I opened the program, the CAD model was gone. I'm not too sure what"s going on, other than the fact that it's probably something that I'm doing. Any ideas? I'm not sure I trust the program without seeing the model.

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    The program should be fine without the model. The CAD is saved in the program directory alongside the program itself. You can manually go in and delete .CAD file and nothing in the program changes.

    That being said, maybe it is a bug or a permissions issue?
    What version of PC-DMIS are you running (including service pack)?


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      if you rename the PRG file without renaming the CAD file, then there is no cad file for the prg file
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        Could be a few things...

        1) When you use CAD in a part program it generates a .CAD file with the same name as the program, so 12345.PRG & 12345.CAD.

        When you open the .PRG it looks for a .CAD file and if it's there it uses it in the program.

        If you've moved or renamed the program in Windows (i.e. NOT done a File>Save as within Pc-Dmis) you will have to move/rename the .CAD also

        2) Edit > Graphics Display Window > Hide & Show graphics - Model display can be switched off in there
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          Whenever you save the program, chose to save both cad file and prg file. When you open the program, click on the cad file and it will open both.


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            I did rename the program. That's probably it. Thanks everyone!


            • Douglas
              Douglas commented
              Editing a comment
              set the folder to show hidden files, you will see a results file after the first program execution and a CAD file with .PRG^ and .PRG~ extensions, move them all together and rename them all the same would work too

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