Hexagon Tesa head adptor for a Renishaw TP20

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  • Hexagon Tesa head adptor for a Renishaw TP20


    I've been told that Hexagon sell an adaptor to allow a Renishaw TP20 to be used on a Hexagon Tesa head.

    Does anyone know about this and, if so, can you tell me the part number so that I can order one??

    Many thanks in advance...
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    HA-TM-31 03939356 Aluminium / Stainless steel 33 64
    HA-TM-140 03939366 Aluminium / Stainless steel 140 84
    HA-TM-300 03939367 Aluminium / Stainless steel 300 121
    HA-TM-450C 03939368 Carbon fibre / Stainless steel 450 150

    Downlaod the Probes and sensors catalog from here...

    Page 39

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      hexagon and renisahw tp20s are interchangeable. only difference is color scheme.


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        This seems to be the build you are talking about? The number on that adapter is an old Tesa number from before Hexagon bought them. Hexagon can still cross reference these numbers... I often give them Tesa part numbers to quote... they come back with the new Hexagon model but as others say they are interchangeable. My build is all older Tesa hardware except the wrist, and Hexagon now has their own part numbers for them with the Hexagon name, every one of those components now has a Hexagon part number... just give them Tesa part numbers you have if that is easier


        • Douglas
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          the exact adapter you need will depend on the exact head. My wrist has the Hexagon TKJ to take that adapter for use on the Tesastar-r rack. If you have just an m8 on the bottom of your wrist like another machine we have(no rack on it), all you would need is a simple M8 extension between the wrist and probe body.

          Edit: they are also available in different lengths with that TKJ, I've also got a 140mm length adapter to get reach but not have to exceed probe stylus length specs of the module.

          If you mean the body, the part the module sits in and has m8 on the top... that is p/n 03939174
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