Construction of a custom needle

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  • Construction of a custom needle

    Hello. I have a problem with the correct construction of the head (needle). After creating the needle in the "probebuildier" file, I can not find it, when building the head in the program. Do I need to create a new "probebuldier" file to create new needles or I can use an existing one in which there are standard needles? Which is a file? I need a 10x0.8 plate. greetings

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    Ok. I know what do wrong.
    Just need
    A. create file "usrprobe.dat" on c:/ProgramData/Hexagon/PC-DMIS/2017 R1/...
    B. Reset program
    C. Create new probe.
    I was edited the probe, I was not opened a new one. It was my mistake.
    As you can see, it's sometimes worth to think first and then write.


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      Thank you posting the solution!

      Still not sure what you mean by "needle, it must be lost in translation. The part of the system that contacts the part being inspected is called the stylus or more commonly the probe.


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        Of course it was a probe. Forgive me. It's good that you know what's going on.


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