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    I am working on a project that "requires" the use of clearance cube. When I try to activate the cube on my offline seat, the activate button is greyed out. I can display it and resize it but I cannot turn it on. I have gone in and turned it on for each feature but it still won't let me use it. Does anybody know why this is?

    Also, is there a difference between clearance cube and starting the program as follows:

    etc... and just inserting, for example,

    If I knew I had to move to Z+ plane?

    EDIT: My project does not allow me to use PC-DMIS to edit cube size. I am essentially creating a program outside of PC-DMIS and importing it in. Thus, I cannot modify cube settings after import (if possible). Does this force me to use my second option of a more manual clearance cube?
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    Good Morning,

    I am having the same trouble today except I am not able to even display it or resize it. Have you found out a solution to this? I am stumped on it as well.


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      I'm constantly trying to use clearance cube, as I used it previously with Calypso and learned to like it. I have found 2 things - make sure your cursor is at the end of your program to edit - as it won't "see" the features. Also, I wait to edit/activate it until the program is close to completion. If you have it activated then edit a feature, it will "help you" and change your approach settings EVERY TIME. Aggravating!
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        do you have a 3d model in your program??? and also if you go in to the F5 menu i would turn on the use tip vector as clearance cube start and end makes it way faster than having to go change the the X+ X- Y+ Y- for every feature but this hole clearance cube this is not like it is in calypso i aslo came from calypso and loved that feature so when i came to dmis and was told to leave it alone i wouldn't listen and tried and tried to make it work crash free like it is in calypso but never got there now i use clearance plans and things seems to work smoother for me but give it a shot maybe you will love it


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