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  • Line too Long Error

    I haven't ran across this before and wanted to know if anyone out there has found a solution. I created a feature set out of a bunch of vector points and adaptive auto circle scans. I then tried to edit the circles in the feature set by adding CIR1.HIT[1..CIR1.NUMHITS]. I soon exceeded the character limit for the command window line of code and got a Line Too Long Error. I ended up creating several feature sets that would hold my added code and a final feature set of the other feature sets.

    Is there a way to add another line of code to an existing code line? If not, what other work arounds do you use?
    153010 Global Advantage w/ LSPX1H_T Analog Probe
    7107 Global Classic TP20
    2019R1 SP1 CAD++

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    You can create a COP, with features, or use in the feature set an"*" for points (example PT* should select all the features which name begin by PT.
    There's also PT% for points from 1 to 9, PT%% for points from 10 to 99...


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      If it's just a couple characters too long, you could just rename your feature ID's from CIR1 to C_1, saving 2 characters per reference.


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