How to easily square a star-probe

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  • How to easily square a star-probe

    Feel free to tell me 300 reasons this is a terrible idea, this the internet after all, but I read some tips on how to square up a new star-probe on here and I wasn't satisfied with them since most of them basically revolved around "eyeballing" the probe in reference to something else.

    So then this popped into my head:

    (Note - This method requires a 1/4-20 grid-plate or something similar that is already square with your machine)

    Take two small 1/2" diameter posts and mount them to the plate as close as possible, parallel to either the Y or X axis. Place a .375 diam "dome" piece onto each post and screw them all down fairly tight.

    Turn probing off with your jog-box, and attach your TTP to the machine with your star probe screwed in. Your extension should be screwed into the TTP snugly, but not the star yet, obviously.

    Leave your star somewhat loose, so that it rotates with very little pressure, but not wiggling around loosely. Just tight enough that it's level in the A0B0 position and making contact with the extension and #1 point sandwiching it into place.

    Center the probe between the two posts, turn your speed down nice and slow, and gently butt up whichever two points are parallel with your posts up against the smaller "dome" points. As you SLOWLY move the probe toward the posts, the points will rotate until both are touching the dome-posts at the same height. The star is now square with your machine! (more-or-less, assuming the plate is square to begin with)

    Leaving your probe leaned into the posts so that the star points maintain contact, carefully tighten the #1 point into the extension until you're satisfied that it's secure enough to run with.

    Tear down your posts and qualify that shizzle on your sphere.

    Pic related.

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    I just realized there is a "Tips and Tricks" section, this should go there. I'm sorry. Admin please don't be mad


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      There's a "Tips and Tricks" section. I'm not admin, and I'm not really upset, but I can ad lib it if you'd like...


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