Beggining to practice on CMM Global Performance

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  • Beggining to practice on CMM Global Performance

    I want to know what do you guys think about eLearning "PC-DMIS for CMM 101" is it good to learn how to use it?

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    Learning with someone who uses cmm is certainly better than learning with a "robot".... (LOL, even if you can't understand now !).
    You can do a lot of things with a cmm, especially break or crash it... Be carefull !


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      Go one You Tube. Lot of good videos on there. I believe if you do a search for CMMXYZ.
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        I thought the 101 class was informative enough for what it is. I attended 101 at Hexagon, and it is a very basic curriculum, but if you have a little experience and ask a lot of questions it is worth it! E-Learning, I would assume it is somewhat interactive, but having an instructor present is best in my opinion.


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          I've taken every Ecourse that Hexagon has for CMM, Romers, vision, etc. (as long as they were free, and even some I paid for). PC-DMIS seems to be fairly universal, spanning the different equipment pretty uniformly. By that, I mean it works the same, no matter what equipment you're measuring with.

          Seat time is your biggest asset. Get in front of the unit every chance you can. Play. But as someone above said: Go slow. Turn your jogbox down so that if it does something unexpected, you can stop it BEFORE the crash. Crashes are counter productive (and can be expensive). See what it can do. Watch videos.

          Understanding spatial awareness and the six degrees of freedom is HUGE when starting out. Again: watch videos.

          And ask these guys questions. There's a whole lot of smarts on this board, and they're willing to share.


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