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  • More than 1 probe on a program

    I have PC-DMIS for CMM 101 eLearning & want to do a program using more than 1 probe, but i didn't find some explain or how to do it in this manual.

    Is here any tips to do it?

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    You just have to insert a "loadprobe" command...
    If you use more than 1 probe (tip or probe ?), you have to define a "master probe" and calibrate all the tips / probes on the same sphere.
    You can look on the forum about master probe and calibration...

    You can also look at the top of the forum, in the support / dowload section, there are some very intersting informations.

    And welcome here !


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      Do you have a probe rack? Do you have multiple probe modules or "styli clampings"?


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        I have a probe rack, i want to calibrate & do a program with auto-change probe

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      Are you changing probes manually, or is there a programmed cycle that will change out your probes from a rack?

      If it's manual, you just have to let the CMM know (LoadProbe) that a change has taken place. We've got a unit here that doesn't have a changer, and I usually just insert a ReportCommand/Comment to let the operator know when to put the new probe on the unit. They hit the enter key when they've done it, and the program continues...

      If it's got a probe change rack, it's a matter of doing a LoadProbe, and it should take care of it for you.

      In either case, you've programmed the difference in probe parameters. Easy Peasy, lemon squeasy


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        I have a probe rack, i want to calibrate & do a program with auto-change probe, but i do not how to start it.

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      WIth a probe rack, you need to define your probes (LOADPROBE, then press F9. Build probe to match), then calibrate them.
      Once calibrated you can go to Edit -> Preferences -> Probe Changer. Once there, hit F1 for more guidance.

      You will need to:
      calibrate your rack (probably an MCR20), -- any probe works for the cal, but Hex recommends using a 2x20 probe for the MCR20 rack cal
      determine a mount point (which is basically a clearance movepoint, that the CMM moves to, before and after changing probes),
      then assign the probes to each rack position.

      Once the probes are assigned, cycle through all the probes via loadprobe commands, and manually place each probe onto the head. Let the CMM 'park' each probe on its own. After this, you are set on having a functional auto-changing rack.


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        its in Swedish but i Think you get it....

        first line change::: Grupp= to you probe and chose YES_Manuell (JA_MANUELL

        Next line GRUPP=ALLA-SPETSAR-MED-STANDARD <---- you next probe and this FLYTTATS=NEJ to NO
        add more if you have
        follow louisd step Before this

        This will auto calibrate your probes....


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