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  • How to measure this angle

    Hello everyone, can anybody help me with this? I need to measure this chamfer’s tiny angle but I don’t really know how to do it. Hope you can help me. If you need more information please let me know.
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    Measure the chamfer as a cone. It will give you the angle.


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      That might be iffy on the cone... I think you would see the same issue with that measurement as you would with small arc measurement. I don't see allot of surface there I would probably do a short line. Maybe in multiple places. Probably watch where my alignment is and verify my hit vectors of the line are correct and // to the alignment ? Without seeing the whole part and the print that's the direction I would go.


      • Darrollh
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        TBH, something that small, we don't check using a CMM. It's like threads. I wouldn't think something like that chamfer would be that critical but I could be wrong. I would use a chamfer Gage for that. That's me saying this without being there.

      • Zeros
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        I would use Reprorubber and an optical comparator for this type of measurement.

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      I've got a couple similar parts that have specific call outs, and while they're not critical to the function of the part, I'm kind of a pain in the butt where having EVERY DIMENSION documented on the report...

      What I've done on occasion, is to tell the CMM that the side of the feature would be Zplus. (changing your workplane) the narrow top would be X, and the inside diameter would be Y. Now, you're not looking to measure planes, but rather to see it as a 2D feature. Doing this, you can touch two spots on the ID (straight up and down), two points on the chamfered surface, and two hits on the top of the part. Align using these features, and you should be able to get a reasonably accurate angle measured both at the top and the bottom of the chamfer.


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        We have a similar looking part. We use the optical comparator.


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          I love measuring chamfer angles. Typically, I will create a line from 2 points along the chamfer at the relative "0" coordinate then use angle dimension from a perpendicular plane, or parallel axis.


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            Originally posted by Hirxm View Post
            Hello everyone, can anybody help me with this? I need to measure this chamfer’s tiny angle but I don’t really know how to do it. Hope you can help me. If you need more information please let me know.
            Yeah, yeah you'll create the geometry to output the value you're looking for BUT... will it be reliable? Prepare a speech for your operators every time it 'craps' out. If you're like'll blame it on everything else but the fact that PcDmis' code logic explodes inside intermittently!

            I've tried a whole lot to get this work flawlessly. I can honestly say I got it working 98% successful, though in an automated setting... that 2% sticks out like a soar thumb! I've added measurements like this one to the same 'no measure' category along with small arcs.

            Unless absolutely required.... ie. can't access it with due to awkward location.
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