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  • Missing Window

    This has probably been answered before. The dialogue window while running the part, Take 2 hits, etc.
    How do you recover that window after it's been, I guess dragged off screen somewhere???
    I don't even understand how it can happen. HUGE pain in the a$*.

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    There's a registry setting which controls it's position, (which I can fins out of below doesn't work)

    If your IT systems allow, download this...

    Change the extension from .txt to .exe and run it, it will reset it to top left corner of screen.

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      Another option is to go into the Windows Control Panel> Display> Screen Resolution. Change the resolution to something low and it will rearrange all the windows on your screen. You should be able to see it and drag it back into view. Then turn the resolution back up and you should have it back in view on your screen


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        Turn off PC-DMIS, start PC-DMIS Settings Editor, locate ExecWindowOptPos1, set it to 0, 0, 100, 100, 1 and the dialog should return to your screen when you run PC-DMIS again.

        Note that this method is not valid for the latest PC-DMIS version(s) - I can't find that setting in 2019 R1. Perhaps DialogPositions/ExecutionDlg1 is the new name of that setting (I haven't verified that, just a guess).
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          I want to thank you all and I've printed these responses to try. After running many many programs, the window inexplicably re-appeared.


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