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  • Flat Probes?

    Hello everyone!

    Still new to this hole CMM thing and trying to learn as much as i can on my own at my shop.. regardless of that fact. my boss wanted me to find out anything i can about a probe with a flat head that we could get to measure the inside of some small oil rings on some of our parts. i have looked into them online but im just not understanding the whole custom order section of websites and how i would want it constructed? if someone could post a link and just explain to me exactly what the specs i would be entering mean exactly that would be super awesome!!!

    Thank you anyone who responds and i hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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    Do you mean like a cylinder? I've never used one, but I've heard bad things about them.


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      Cylinder probes are quite useful, if you know how to use them in a correct manner.

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      Hmmm we have a couple, I'll do some research and give it a try next chance I get.

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    do you mean disc probes?


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    Disk probes are used for measuring grooves (snap ring, O-ring, etc.).
    Here is a Youtube video on calibrating a disk probe.

    This Tech Tip Video from Canadian Measurement – Metrology shows the procedure used to calibrate a disc probe in PC-DMIS. Disc probes are useful when measurin...


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      IMG_0330.JPG Trying to work with the equipment I have. Need a little help with this. I build the probe with the knuckle, but how do you rotate it, so that it

      If you have a little wiggle room, These can be quite useful for O-rings and grooves, with a small probe on the end
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        I used some flat tip like this, on a manual cmm, just measuring the distance of the end of a very small cylinder to a plane.
        renishaw plat.JPG
        That' the only probe that I calibrate with 2 levels !


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          Another idea.. maybe using a star probe? Setups like the one below can be quite useful for ID features like grooves and chamfers. I use them all of the time.

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            I have to measure some ring grooves inside of one of our components.
            I use this probe setup for them.Disk stylus.JPG
            The 1mm tip I measure the Z locations of them and the disk for diameter and true position.


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              Or if you like your pizza thin crust.......


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