Support PC-DMIS Development by Submitting Crash Reports.

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  • Support PC-DMIS Development by Submitting Crash Reports.

    Send in your detailed crash reports to support a constantly improving software experience.

    When sending a crash report please include:
    1. Your email address, so we can contact you if we require further information
    2. A description of the crash and what you were doing in advance of this

    Error Report Window.png

    Example of the crash report window.

    Including a description in your crash report is crucial to ensure our development teams can fully investigate the cause and work towards a solution. The more information you provide, the better the result.

    We identify development priorities based on the number of crash instances received. Every crash report is logged, processed and monitored on our secure development server. After which, development teams are assigned to work on fixes which are regularly released in our service packs.

    We are also able to offer a more tailored development service, by monitoring machines sending in the highest number of crashes. In this instance, by identifying the PC-DMIS licence number, we can reach out to the top ten machines and work on resolving your unique crash causes.

    Thank you for keeping us informed and supporting the continual development of PC-DMIS.
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    Many of us are running PC-DMIS in an "offline" environment (ie. no internet).
    Do you have a procedure we could use to send crash reports manually via e-mail?
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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      Good ol' Nike-net!
      Put error reports on USB thumb drive, unplug USB thumb drive, use your Nike's to network the files to a connected PC. Send reports via your email on connected PC.


      Follow these steps to manually submit crash reports

      1.Using Windows File Explorer, browse to: C:\Users\john.smith\AppData\Local\CrashRpt\UnsentC rashReports
      2.Zip the files up (compress) to save space: How do I Zip or Unzip Files?
      3.Copy the zipped file to any data transfer device (USB sticks are convenient and inexpensive).
      4.Submit a case on this site and attach the files, or email them to [email protected]

      We will then submit these files to our development team, who will review them and suggest diagnostics/solutions. You can check on these actions using the case created in step four


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        but, but, what if i dont wear nike's. whatever shall i do (dramatic sigh)

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      some of us are also running older versions of pcdmis, myself for example 2013MR1 and the reason is simply the cost of upgrading.... guess I'm gonna be 'that guy' but when the cost of an upgrade is prohibitive to me I'm a bit less inclined to help improve that upgrade.


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        Do these crash reports still take screenshots of your desktop?

        That is a bit of a security/proprietary/export-controlled issue.


        • Don Ruggieri
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          YES, admittedly they do.

          a) You can submit them if you are ok with that
          b) you can remove the image from the file before sending it
          c) we are working on an option to NOT capture the image for those concerned about it

          I know you are not familiar with the workings of the crash submissions, but only for the first instance of the crash (from anyone) is anything collected. After that, no matter how many times you or anyone else encounters the same crash, the data is ignored, the files are not stored. We do have the option to ggoel(the collection) back on but it only has a lifecycle of one instance. After that it returns to NOT storing the data.

          Regardless, we value your feedback and are working on ways to make this more valued for both of us.

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        Don Ruggieri
        I am having issues with my Universal Updater it says it can not connect so I have tried to attach my log file here but it says to big to put here

        2019-10-22 06:07:14.3080 Socket state = Connecting
        2019-10-22 06:07:14.3519 Attempting to reconnect
        2019-10-22 06:07:45.3627 Socket state = Connecting
        2019-10-22 06:07:45.3627 Attempting to reconnect

        Michael A Wildschutz Sr
        I Walk on The WildSide
        "To Each is Own"


        • michaelwildschutz
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          Don Ruggieri I wanted to say thank you for personally having some one from HEXAGON to send me a email about this issue I am glad to see such follow thru. I wish that everyone would follow thru as much as this.I am also glad to hear that the issue will be corrected in the next update...

        • Don Ruggieri
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          Very Welcome MW', I actually spoke to him a few days ago but he was pre-occupied with other issues.

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        Is it possible for you to help me with a case ticket I have on the portal and hook me up with your guru for inserting the new excel form report...I am having issues with the new inserting a excel form report at the end of Dimensions...I have had a case ticket since 9/5/19 case #00141275 and it appears to me the person whom was assigned to it never really read my notes or even looked into the files I attached and he finally stopped replying .. I have been going on the portal for last 3weeks and keep asking for help but no reply at all...I have tried several things on my own but it does not appear to work correctly as I would expect it to
        Michael A Wildschutz Sr
        I Walk on The WildSide
        "To Each is Own"


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          I'd like to remind everyone that we are still working to make improvements to the software. Certainly one of these areas is working to resolve crash reports. If you do submit your crash reports, please take a moment to add your e-mail and some small comment summarizing what happened. When we go through the crash database to find these, it could save a lot of time. If you want to reach out to me to let me know that you are having an issue and have already submitted reports, I will see what I can do to facilitate its resolution.


          • tami_
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            I am submitting the crash reports working on offline version of 2018 r2. I updated to the #650 build late last week (latest version of 2018 R2). The previous crashing issue I had on 2018 R2 had been resolved but is back now. It has crashed at least 5 times a day with no warning again since that update to FIX crash issues. I save a lot but when I am visually proofing programs, I lose a lot of time going back through the program if it crashes. Can I revert back? I am assuming I would have to just reinstall 2018 R2 (which we are using because of issues/bugs in 2019 that affected our programs) and just update to the previous version. The fix for crashes DID NOT WORK though.

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