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  • star probe calibration issue

    Hi, all. I am having trouble calibrating my star probe. It is a 5 WAY but I do not have a probe on the bottom (A0B0). I left tip #1 empty when building this setup. Slots 2-5 are filled each with 1BY10mm probes. All 4 probes are in the X and Y axes. I have a different probe that acts as the master, fyi. I have calibrated/built star probes before but they always had a probe on the bottom (A0B0). Using Manual + DCC the sofware wants me to take a manual hit in A0B0, usually this is not a problem but now I have no probe on the bottom. It also flips the first tip on its side (incorrect workplane). Am I missing something simple? Thanks for your help!

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    I would just try dcc + dcc, reset to theo (but with the sphere doesn't moved !)


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      Unless you built it wrong, Your first Tip 1A0B0 would be at 3:00, 2A0B0 12:00, 3A0B0 9:00, and 4A0B0 would be at 6:00. Also if your Probe is built correctly, The top of the Sphere becomes the side.

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        If you have another probe set as the Master and you've built the probe correctly, you should be able to simply answer No the sphere hasn't moved and use DCC+DCC like JEFMAN said.
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          It's always more clear when it's said in the right language !

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        Yes! That worked! Thank you all! I simply did what JEFMAN recommended and it did the trick!


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        KIRBSTER269 : Yes, I'm a robot, but a civilized one : happy week-end, all, it's friday !
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