file open menu is disabled !!

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  • file open menu is disabled !!

    hey guys

    i have just opened pc dmis and i cannot open any file program the option is just disabled in grey , hellllp im stuck

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    Offline or ON line?? If you are @ a CMM and the file greyed out then more than likely the Demon cannot find your machine.
    Depending on your situation, a few seconds or about a minute should show down in the lower left hand corner of your monitor that "initialization complete"
    (or something like that) If you don't see that? You are not allowed to play with Demon. Most likely? Your computer and CMM aren't talking to each other and your CMM has gone on vacation or taking a smoke break.....


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      Check to make sure your controller is on and the jogbox is connected. If it is, SHUTDOWN your computer and turn it back on. A restart usually doesn't fully help. If that doesn't work, shut down the computer and cycle restart the CMM.
      I have this issue from time to time and I think it's from a glitch during the install. PCDmis was installed after a lot of security software was already active and I see weird glitches that I don't see on other installs, although I'm not 100% that's the reason. Almost every time, shutting down and turning on the computer fixes the issue.


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