Unwanted reactivating marked tip changes

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  • Unwanted reactivating marked tip changes

    When taking a program I've written for a full layout, and marking out certain sections to only perform a portion of the measurements, some or all of my marked tip changes will unmark themselves when I execute the program.

    I checked to make sure it wasn't connected to a feature that was set to automatically assign a tip change, and I've recreated some, but to no avail. It still happens. I know there's a way to disable them as I've done it in the past and it's kept them marked.

    Can someone help?

    Thank you!

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    I'm pretty sure F5 checkbox off "reset global settings when branching" will then skip unmarked probe tip rotations.
    Instead of using mark/unmark, you can use if_goto syntax with a label to jump around the routine.


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      That worked like a charm. Thanks louisd!


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