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  • pcdmis model size

    we are using PCDMIS for CMM and have direct Catia interface for our machine. my problem is the latest model i brought in seems too large for PCDMIS to handle so the graphics have slowed down to almost nothing. is there a way to reduce the model size either in catia or pcdmis to help with my graphics? right now it is unusable.

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    PC-DMIS can handle it, your computer is another story. Make sure you have enough RAM. On my computers, I have 32gigs. Also, make sure everything is closed that you are not using.


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      You can turn up the tessellation value in Edit> Graphics Display Window> Open GL. As you turn up the value, the model will become more faceted and won't look as good, but it will require less from your computer


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        ^^^^ This
        If your current value is less than 1, change it to 1 and see if it looks and performs better, then start increasing or decreasing it by about .1 until you get the balance between look/usability

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      If all else fails you can view the model in wireframe. operation> graphics display window> graphic views> solid


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        Import it as an iges or step


        • AndersI
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          Why would that make any difference? Shouldn't it be the same model, with the same number of features, irrespective of intermediate format?

        • Schlag
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          Not a clue if it would or not. Maybe its something with the direct cad interface that is "complicating things" ? I figure it would be a 60 second fix. If it works great, if not well, you're not out much time.

        • Peter Fuller
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          I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make but my understanding is that there is a loss of "fidelity" when it comes to the IGES/STEP conversion. But I can't imagine PC-DMIS caring much about some number rounding.

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        Could it possibly be the graphics card?
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          I would let us know your computer specs so we can look at where the issue is. My guess is your video card doesn't have a lot of ram and it's resorted to using a mechanical hard drive to make up the difference.
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            As mentioned above the tessellation value can have a large effect. Below shows the sizes of a 28M NX file once imported.

            Tessellation value and pc-dmis cad size
            1 17M
            .5 21M
            .1 59M
            .01 406M

            As you can see the size can get very large. Below is my graphics info. [email protected]

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