Power Supply's Fuses went bad, I hope...

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  • Power Supply's Fuses went bad, I hope...

    Came in to work the other morning and the machine was off and didn't respond to the power switch at all. (Computer was working fine, didn't have any power outages overnight)
    Contacted Hex and they gave a list of things to check before scheduling a tech.
    It looks like (hopefully) just a bad fuse in the power supply unit.
    The new fuses are coming today.

    My question is if the new fuses fix everything will I have to configure the machine at all or can I just calibrate and let 'er rip?
    Is it the same as turning the machine off, or is it different since the power supply had no power?

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    We used to have an old Excel that would blow a fuse from time to time, we would just replace the fuse, home the machine and recalibrate the probes.


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      We have a old DEA that does it and we just replace and move on. So I think its safe to say no.
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