Aligning With Part CAD But No Fixture CAD

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  • Aligning With Part CAD But No Fixture CAD

    I have a fixture with stamped coordinates for tooling blocks but do not have fixture CAD. What is the best method to associate the part CAD with the fixture alignment?

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    Does the coordinate system of the fixturing and the part CAD agree? As in, if you did have the CAD for the fixturing, would the trihedron for the fixturing and the part match?


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      Yes the coordinates match!


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        "Tooling Blocks", you mean 2"x2" blocks, bolted and doweled in place, with a reamed hole in the middle?

        Simply use AUTO FEATURE CIRCLE, type in the XYZ nominals and the correct IJK for each one, using 3 sample hits, and measure them, then do an ITERATIVE alignment.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Have you checked the CAD Assembly or CAD Levels to see if the fixturelayers are just "turned off"?


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            I only have part CAD definitely no fixture CAD. The fixture lists the coordinates for the outside corner of each tooling block. I think I figured it out. I appreciate the responses!


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              share what you did, so others may learn. This forum is for questions and answers.

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              I will update as soon as I get to confirm. Sorry have been pulled in a different direction.

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            Are you able to measure your blocks with the part on the fixture? If you can get to them, do what Matthew says. If not, you can do an external alignment. I can explain how to do it if you need to go that route.


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              MkeD6, I am able to measure blocks with part on fixture. I think I figured out what to do and will update when I can confirm. Thanks!


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