How is 2017 R1 working for you?

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  • How is 2017 R1 working for you?

    I finally have my 4 CMM's all on the same version (2015.1 SP6). I have had to deal with a few issues in this version...(I know that is par for the course). , Find hole quit working for most programs, on others it still works. I have one machine that intermittently ignores pre-hit and retract settings. Today, I had another event happen that makes me want to find the next version.

    Today's event: In running a proven program for a large cylindrical (40 inch OD X 16 inches tall setting on blocks - 350 lb. part) the program has a move point above the part at the front of the table and a operator comment explaining that a probe (not loaded in the rack) is needed, select ok and the current probe will be dropped off so that the operator can then load the probe. I would've have had my doubts had this happened to anyone else. I saw some crap on the probe so I took the probe off (TP200) cleaned it, put it back on, and selected ok...go drop off that probe, and the head went straight for the probe rack trying to go through this 350 lb. part, ignoring the defined "mount point" for the probe rack. The machine moved the part about 3 inches, almost knocked it off the blocks, left a scar on the "ball" of the PH10M plus head. Luckily, that appears to be all the damage. I had to re-square the head, and re-calibrate the rack. Could not duplicate this occurrence by going into the program in online mode.

    My prior research led me to consider 2017 R1 as our next version...How is it working for you?
    Does Paste with Pattern work?
    Does find hole work?
    Do you have any particular issues with 2017 R1?
    I believe I have it right that this version was the last before the badly reviewed new Icons? I would like find hole to work for me...I've got lots of holes here and people who set up parts incorrectly. With all those holes, I certainly would like Paste with Pattern to keep working for me...fully as it has to this point (only failed on the rarest of occasions).

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

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    What kind of CMMs are you running?
    Whatever a man sows, he shall reap.


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      I have a B&S Global image 7.10.7 with PH10MQ, TP200 just upgraded to 2015.1 on that last week. I have a Sheffield Endeavor 9.9.7 with PH10T, TP200, on 2015.1 for about a year, another Sheffield Endeavor 9.9.7 on 2015.1 for a year (with the intermittent ignored prehit / retract settings), and a 4 year old Made to Measure with Pantec Eagle basic controller, PH10M Plus and TP200 that has been running 2015.1 for 3 years.


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        I've had a 7.7.7 Image & 7.10.7 Advantage. One with dual scr200 racks and one with single rack. (have swapped the odd 2nd rack between the CMMs). Both with PH10MQ & TP200.
        If memory serves? 2015.1 was extremely solid. The same with 2017 R1. I've never had a mount point ignored by either CMM. Your experience might be because of the Sheffield? Just wondering.
        Now I'm on a vision sys (Optiv 4.4.3 perf Dual Z) and really left 2017 R1 because I needed 2018 R2 to finally work as expected for 2D profile in the Demon.
        I can't remember which SP's worked best for me, but I know that when I installed the latest SP? I had to go back to the one that previously worked FOR ME. Some might need that latest SP, but others might experience latest one is poison. Season to taste!
        FOR ME? 2015.1 and 2017 R1 were about the best Demon could offer for stable & robust CMM hijinx .
        Good luck with what you decide....... .


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          Dunno if there's a huge difference between R1 and R2, but we run 2017 R2 on a Sheffield Discovery II (D12) that's on the shop floor. My personal choice? The 2018 R2 we have in Inspection is only marginally better, but that's due to the 2018 being a little easier write program on.


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