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  • Auto-Continue Execution Script on trace field box


    Looking for some assistance with some scripting.

    I am looking to auto-continue a trace field box that I need displayed, for the purposes of reading the information in Datapage. I am checking multiple parts in the one program and all the trace fields are populated using variables that are filled in at the beginning of my program, see below.

    Annotation 2019-06-11 121406.jpg

    The user populates the input fields which then populates the variables. I use these variables to populate trace fields which are located within a loop.

    Annotation 2019-06-11 121638.jpg

    i have shrunk the program size just for the purposes of this example. the issue i have is the program then hangs up waiting on a "ok" keystroke.

    Annotation 2019-06-11 121825.jpg

    i need the tracefield to be displayed so that the information is transfered to Datapage, Datapage does not read it unless it displayed.

    Is there any way to auto-continue the execution of this so that the user does not need to hit ok as the information is already populated by the data that is entered at the beginning of the program.



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    This won't work:
                TRACEFIELD/[B]NO[/B][B]_DISPLAY[/B],LIMIT=15 ;  :
    I use it all the time with Datapage+ and it works fine.
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      when I export the data using the external command

      all the feature data exports but I don't get any of the trace field data transferred over.

      but when I keep the tracefield as display and I have to hit ok to continue it transfers over ok

      but im wondering if there is a way to auto continue by the tracefield so that the program doesn't stop and I still get the data transferring over


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        You're running the external program *before* setting the trace fields - so what's there to export? If you're running that in a loop, you will export the tracefields for the *previous* run (and when just opened, there is no previous run).
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          Annotation 2019-06-11 153031.jpg

          The external command, marked in yellow, marks the start of the loop - it tells Datapage to listen.

          Then there is all the tracefield information & measurement data

          Then an external command, marked in orange, that closes the loop and sedns the data to Datapage

          i folow the same process on the next part within the program.

          The issue i have is the tracefield data will oly export if the Display is switch on when at NO_DISPLay the information is not transferred to Datapage


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            Ok, I understand. Maybe you could modify the commands from NO_DISPLAY to DISPLAY directly after executing them, and then back to NO_DISPLAY after the orange externalcommand.
            I don't know exactly how, but I believe it should include PUTTEXT() …

            Maybe it's a bug in DATAPAGESTATS.EXE, ignoring the tracefields because they are NO_DISPLAY?
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              Maybe try using STATS/ON instead of External Command. As you see in Post #4 you get to check what you transfer over. I'm not sure it works, because I don't have DataPage anymore, just throwing out a suggestion. Oh and I don't use Tracefields.
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                Run the -L at the beginning of your program and run the -E at the end of your program, all outside your loop. Leave the tracefields with NO_DISPLAY inside your loop.

                Likewise with what Kirby says, run the stats/on command:

                At the beginning of the program

                Then run:

                At the end of the program. This is what I do.
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                  Well bfire85 I guess we can s_h_i_t and fall back in it, apparently our help is not needed.

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                I think we have had issues using the
                in the past. But i will give it a try this morning. We have 4 machines running Datapge and sendin gall the information to a server database, think thats why we
                had to get Hexagon to use the External Command.

                Is there anyway to automate the process so that if i need to have the tracefields as DISPLAY it wil carry on with the program without the operator having to press OK, i dont know much about the scripting.

                Also im in the UK so there may be some time differnces.

                Thanks for your suggestions
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                  thanks very much for all your suggestions but it was something simple that solved the feckin thing!!!

                  I put a delay in after the external command and that then allowed the Datapage importer to collect the information!!



                  • AndersI
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                    Of course - the tracefield commands were executed by PC-DMIS before the external program had actually started! Thanks, that's something I have to remember.

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