Wrong position of CAD with machine loaded

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  • Wrong position of CAD with machine loaded

    I tried to find solution, but found nothing. When I have machine loaded, import CAD, position it and align the measured part, the CAD and measured features are in different position in graphic window, than in reality (In DCC Machines probes, where it should).
    When I do the same, but I am not loading the machine, the CAD is in correct position in the graphic window.

    Kindly asking, what am I missing.
    Thank you

    PCDMIS 2019 R1, Online
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    I usually bring in the cad transform it then load the machine. Is that how you do it?


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      HI Darroll,
      Thanks for reply, did this way - Machine, CAD, Transform
      Tried it your way, but problem remains.


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        We have the same issue on a couple of programs here. I've found that it depends on where your cursor is in the program. If it's before the alignment, there's no relation between the two (CAD graphic and program). If the cursor is after the alignment, the wireframe overlays the CAD graphic, and all is right with the world...


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          Hi Filip,

          It absolutely depends on the cursor position in the edit window when dealing with virtual machine and alignment functionalities. I would recommend this way.
          • Import the Machine Model.
          • Then CAD.
          • Do Auto position from the F5 dialog to position the CAD correctly on the virtual CMM machine.
          • Then go with Manual and DCC alignment.
          • Then proceed with your measurements.

          I have just tested before posting this. It works fine.

          If the issue still persists at your end, I would like to take a look at your program code for further details.

          Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty
          Metrology Software Applications Specialist,
          Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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