Adding a Machine Stop so the Operator Can Perform a Task.

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  • Adding a Machine Stop so the Operator Can Perform a Task.

    Good afternoon,
    I am working on a program where I need the operator to perform a number of task throughout the routine. What is the best way to do this? I've never done that before.

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    i'd put in operator comments


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      Make sure you move the probe head up and well away from any part movement. Operators dont care if they have to spin a part around and hit the head or Z collumn ?


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        Originally posted by mckenzie View Post
        i'd put in operator comments
        Kills two birds with one stone. It stops the CMM and tells the operator what he should do.
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          - Insert
          > Report Command
          >> Comment
          >>> Operator Comment type ( enter in what you need the operator to do and this will pop up in your program where you insert it through your routine, and to continue with the program you can hit enter or delay a certain time frame.

          Like someone else said its best to add a move point to get the probe back and out of the way or in some case right next to a pin that needs pushed out or inserted in.


          • NinjaBadger
            NinjaBadger commented
            Editing a comment
            I like that - positioning the probe near the part to 'point' with!

          • Quality ish
            Quality ish commented
            Editing a comment
            I have a couple programs that locate a circular part and need to be rotated to a given feature (a 10-24 threaded hole, perhaps). I bring the probe in close above the part, and enter the comment "rotate part so probe is centered over 6 o'clock 10-24 threaded hole" or something like that.

            Repeatable within a reasonable amount, when prehit and retract distances are ample enough.

            Works like a charm.

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          Yes, Report Command, Comment. I also recommend clicking the little box that makes the comment full screen.

          There's also the option of the CMM automatically continuing (you set the time delay), rather than needing a prompt from the operator (the accept button on the jogbox or enter button on the keyboard)


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            Operator comments, keyed-in dimension, tracefields. All three of these when configured correctly should stop the CMM and prompt for operator input.
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