Changing Probe Tips Without Calibrating

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  • Changing Probe Tips Without Calibrating

    Hello, I run a Sheffield Discovery II with 2018 R2. I use a probe rack with 5 different probes and my question is if I calibrate the probes I need in the morning and put them back in the rack do I need to recalibrate them every time I use them out of the rack? I am trying to find out how to change probes without always having to do a new calibration. I'm using a PH10T probe head. Go easy on me guys, I'm still learning. Thanks for any help.

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    Unless the probe has been changed in the rack since the calibration, I don't see why you'd need to calibrate with each change. We calibrate in the morning, and go through many probe changes, often within a single program, and never calibrate once the initial daily calibration is complete. If it's clean, hasn't been crashed, etc, the CMM ought to know what it is.


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      Are you talking about an automatic probe changer? You don't need to recalibrate those every time you swap. If you did, you'd have to interrupt every program that had probe changes to recalibrate every time you swapped probes. I have a program that calibrates all the probes on my rack in DCC mode. I typically run it once a week, unless I bump something or I get odd results. Before I run it I inspect the probes for cleanliness, make sure everything is tight, and check my qual spheres the same way. All it takes is a little speck of something to throw off a calibration. Once a week is typically more than enough, my results are very consistent.


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